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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All Intel® Xeon® processors 5000 sequence feature:

Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT)±
Execute Disable Bit°
Intel® 64 architectureΦ
Server processor specifications
Processor NumberΔCacheClock SpeedFront Side BusSystem TypePowerDual-coreQuad-core
45-nm technology
L541012MB2.33 GHz1333 MHzDP50W
L542012MB2.50 GHz1333 MHzDP50W
X548212MB3.20 GHz1600 MHzDP150W
X547212MB3.00 GHz1600 MHzDP120W
X546012MB3.16 GHz1333 MHzDP120W
X545012MB3.00 GHz1333 MHzDP120W
L541012MB2.33 GHz1333 MHzDP50W
E547212MB3.00 GHz1600 MHzDP80W
E546212MB2.80 GHz1600 MHzDP80W
E545012MB3.00 GHz1333 MHzDP80W
E544012MB2.83 GHz1333 MHzDP80W
E543012MB2.66 GHz1333 MHzDP80W
E542012MB2.50 GHz1333 MHzDP80W
E541012MB2.33 GHz1333 MHzDP80W
E540512MB2.00 GHz1333 MHzDP80W
X52726MB3.40 GHz1600 MHzDP80W
X52606MB3.33 GHz1333 MHzDP80W
L52406MB3.00 GHz1333 MHzDP40W
E52056MB1.86 GHz1066 MHzDP65W
65-nm technology
X53658MB3 GHz1333 MHzDP120W
X53558MB2.66 GHz1333 MHzDP120W
L53358MB2 GHz1333 MHzDP50W
L53208MB1.86 GHz1066 MHzDP50W
L53108MB1.60 GHz1066 MHzDP50W
E53458MB2.33 GHz1333 MHzDP80W
E53358MB2 GHz1333 MHzDP80W
E53208MB1.86 GHz1066 MHzDP80W
E53108MB1.60 GHz1066 MHzDP80W
51604MB3 GHz1333 MHzDP80W
51504MB2.667 GHz1333 MHzDP65W
51484MB2.333 GHz1333 MHzDP40W
51404MB2.333 GHz1333 MHzDP65W
51304MB2 GHz1333 MHzDP65W
51204MB1.866 GHz1066 MHzDP65W
51104MB1.60 GHz1066 MHzDP65W
50804MB3.73 GHz1066 MHzDP130W
50634MB3.20 GHz1066 MHzDP95W
50604MB3.20 GHz1066 MHzDP130W
50504MB3 GHz667 MHzDP95W
50304MB2.67 GHz667 MHzDP95W