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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Intel Capital Funds Multimedia Messaging Company's WiMAX Initiative

ntel Capital invests $3 million into Aicent to help speed the development of roaming multimedia messaging over WiMAX networks.
In a bit of a surprising move, Intel Capital has chosen to invest $3 million into Aicent, a company focused on delivering multimedia messaging services to cellular companies. What is special about Aicent is that its network enables customers to retrieve messages effectively while roaming.

Clearly, roaming functionality is a hallmark of what Intel wants to promote about WiMAX. And this move clearly is seen as a plan to make sure this technology works well with WiMAX.

Intel has previously invested in several companies focused upon producing WiMAX systems, including vendors Motorola, Nokia-Siemens as well as carriers such as Unwired Australia and of course, Clearwire Corporation.

Moves like this could help ensure that the technology hits the ground running in terms of functionality when truly mobile WiMAX technology starts showing up at scale.

It won't be much longer.