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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Intel and Move Networks Ready WiMAX Video Devices for Prime Time

Move Networks is developing a WiMAX enabled video device designed to operate on new Intel chipsets.

Move Networks has a media player, designed to receive wireless video signals, even in High Definition. And in partnership with Intel, Move Networks is busily updating the unit to operate on Intel's new Atom Z5 processor series. Clearly the thinking is that Internet delivered video content will be highly desired by the public.

This news comes out of the Intel Developer's Forum this past week. And while it was perhaps not as remarked upon as some, it does offer insight into the possibilities for exploiting new services and devices that the new WiMAX-based Clearwire network could offer.

Intel has been demonstrating the new technology at its Developer's Forum this past week. The advent of Mobile Internet Devices (MID) like this application is a hotbed of interest in some quarters. For WiMAX or LTE to reach their full potential these kinds of creative devices must become a mainstay of the marketplace to lure consumers.